All Kinds of Tensile Shade Structures

We aspire to produce world-class tensile shades, which are kept relatively light in weight by deriving their structural stability from their pre-stressed shape, instead of the mass of the material used. We specialize in building all sorts of tensile structures, and our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services from load analysis, detail design, concept design, manufacturing, and installation to ensure that all our clients receive the best professional service.All of our fabric structures are robustly constructed, fully engineered, and permanent to offer years of practical and stunning outdoor protection from the natural elements. We offer a wide array of fabric options, running the gamut from silicon coated woven glass fabric to an architectural grade PVC. Our silicon coated glass promises a longer life than other materials offered by our competitors. All of our tensioners and canopy fixers are marine grade stainless steel. Many of our fabric structures can be cost effectively and easily changed or adapted in size to fit within your existing environment.
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