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SERVICES   AVAILABLE   ALL   OVER   UAE / Dubai / Abu Dabhi / Sharjah / Ajman / Ras al Khaimah / Fujeirah / Al Ain
SERVICES   AVAILABLE   ALL   OVER   UAE / Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah / Ajman / Ras al Khaimah / Fujairah / Al Ain

grp fiberglass car parking shades Suppliers

in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE


Most of car parking shades are readily designed in standard dimensions for immediate installation. GRP fiberglass can be installed individually or in series form depending upon the specified plan layout for the shade.Car Parking Shades can be fabricated in singly cantilever or on both sides.Most common applications of this type are for car park shades , pavilions, bleacher shades, walkways, horse shades, and garden canopy, pool shades, etc. Since it is cantilever the other edge will be free of any obstacles and convenient for space constraints.

Al Faqeer  is the best supplier for Grp fiberglass car parking shades in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. 


  • THICKNESS : 5mm thick GRP.
  • FINISH: Smooth glass finishing inside & smooth gel coat finish on outside.
  • COLOUR: White Pigmented color or any other color as per your requirement.
  • MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: Isopthalic Polyester gel-coat two coats reinforced with fiberglass surface tissue “C” glass would from the s surface of Grpfiberglass roofs. T his would provide good looks and smooth decorative finish. All raw materials used in purchased from leading companies of the world and they confirm to the irrelevant specification. Polyester resin BS 3532, fiberglass – BS 3496
  • ROOF: GRP roof thickness would be build up using layers of fiberglass chopped strand mat.300 gm /m2 and 450 gm/m2 E-glass impregnated with orthophthalic polyester laminating resins.
  • PILLARS: 75mm diameter GI pipes are used as our standard pillars. But 100MM diameters pillars are available upon request. The height of the pillar depends upon the site condition & location. All pillars would be primed and painted with alkyd based enamel paint. Epoxy paint is available upon request. GI nuts, bolts & washer used for fixing shall be of M-10 x 40 mm.
  • FOUNDATION : Cement concrete footing of size 40x40x50 mm provided for foundation.
  • BASE PLATE: 200 x 200 mm size mild steel plate of 8 mm thick used as base plate
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